Bamboo Business is a company especialised in the football industry and B2B events, connecting different stakeholders of the industry – clubs, leagues, federations, confederations, institutions, organisations and players – and helping their clients to accomplish their objectives. With 9 years working very closely with these institutions, we believe we have a strong foundation for developing a solid network to support your needs and growth.

Like bamboo, success does not come right away, but with the right conditions, hard work and properly taken care of, it can bloom into one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth.

Our Three Main Core Areas


Bamboo Business is a value driven organisation that believes in the power of sports and people to transform the world.


We focus on projects based on important values, with the aim of leaving a legacy for future generations and a positive impact in the communities we work with.


We believe in honesty and transparency; trust and confidence; flexibility and resilience; hard work and commitment, whilst always keeping humble at heart.

Bamboo may bend,
but it never breaks


SPORTEL Rendez-vous Buenos Aires

SPORTEL Rendez-vous Buenos Aires


Cena Benéfica Asociación Napsis

About Us

Marta Ortega

CEO & Founder

Marta Ortega, originally from Spain, founded Bamboo Business on December 2021 as she genuinely believed there was a different way of working in the football and sports industry. Having worked, studied, and lived in Austria, Canada, and the UK, she is currently based in Madrid. She had always loved football but never believed she would be in a position to make her passion her job and to become the change she wants to see.


She worked at Soccerex for 6 years, based between London and Madrid, and was responsible for the relationship with some of the top-flight right holders in the football industry. She became the team’s top sales person during five consecutive years for the global events the company held worldwide. Prior to that, she had worked at Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid, commercialising their Programmes.


Contributing actively giving lectures at Escuela de Hostelería de Madrid and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos due to her firm belief of educating the next generations, she holds a Master of Arts in Business from IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences, in Tourism and Leisure Management.


The two-year Master was held in Austria, where she especialised on Sports & Outdoor Tourism and Health & Well-being Tourism. She was chosen to represent the University at the first edition of the Youth Program at the International Centre for Sport Security in Doha. She played in Canada at the Hurricanes Women’s Soccer Team of Holland College. She studied a Degree in Tourism at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. In both institutions, she graduated with distinction and was a recipient of several awards and recognitions.